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Yasuhei Oguchi

Dr. Yasuhei Oguchi

Born in 1937

Developed automobile safety technology through advanced driver control concept and education

In the process of investigating control mechanisms on vehicles, Dr. Yasuhei Oguchi developed a unique ‘lateral motion simulator’ which was highly appreciated by engineers around the globe. He also contributed to the early research on four-wheel steering, presenting the theories that led to its practical application. In addition, he established the theory of safe driving education, and has encouraged many successors and engineers over the years. In recognition of these great achievements, the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame is honored to induct Dr. Yasuhei Oguchi into the Hall of Fame.

Dr. Oguchi created the ‘lateral motion simulator’ at Shibaura Institute of Technology in 1974.

Basic theory of driving control, 1976.

Gauging variable response characteristics in Dr. Oguchi’s department at Shibaura Institute of Technology, 1978.

Early four-wheel steering (4WS) tests done in partnership with Honda, 1982.

Dr. Oguchi taking part in a 1998 NHK TV program on motoring.

Dr. Oguchi pictured with his wife after receiving a medal from the Emperor in 2012.

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