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Shoichi Sano

Dr. Shoichi Sano

Born in 1937

Developed and applied the first four wheel steering technology in the world

Taking inspiration from an aircraft fuselage, Dr. Shoichi Sano designed an inventive Formula 1 racing car body, thus playing a leading part in Honda’s first F1 victory. He also developed an experimental advanced safety vehicle (ASV) to reduce pedestrian injuries, and brought the world’s first 4WS passenger car to the marketplace. The innovations found in these machines have made a huge contribution to the evolution of automotive technology. In recognition of these great achievements, the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame is honored to induct Dr. Shoichi Sano into the Hall of Fame.

Dr. Sano pictured in his high school days with a Meguro 500 motorcycle.

The unique body structure of the 1964 Honda RA271 Formula 1 car.

Dr. Sano explaining the Honda ESV features to journalists in the early 1970s.

The world’s first mass-produced 4WS system made its debut on the Honda Prelude in 1987.

Sano (holding an award from the PM), with his colleague Furukawa, and Honda’s President, Kawamoto on the right at the Prime Minister’s invention award ceremony.

Dr. Sano explaining the pedestrian safety concept contained within the Honda ASV of 1995.

Dr. Sano supporting students in Australia for student’s formula race in 2007.

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