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Shoichiro Toyoda

Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda

Born in 1925

Made Toyota a world leading automobile company

Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda has worked throughout his career to overcome numerous managerial and technical challenges to make the Toyota Motor Corporation one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. Believing that human resources are an essential element in making quality products, Dr. Toyoda also spent a lot of effort in nurturing this aspect of the business. In recognition of these great achievements, the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame is honored to induct Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda into the Hall of Fame.

A 1943 family portrait, with Kiichiro Toyoda on the left, and Shoichiro standing next to his father.

Toyoda entering the family business in July 1952.

Toyoda pictured in front of the Ford head office during a 1957 business trip.

The merger of the Toyota Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Sales concern in 1982.

Inspecting the Lexus LS400 in June 1989, before sales began.

Toyoda heading the Keidanren trade organization in May 1994.

Formal opening of the Japan Car Plaza building in 2004.

Ceremony to open the Toyota pavillion at Expo 2005.

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